Miri and Jason’s Unique Jewish Wedding Ceremony!

How did you and Jason meet?

We met on a group camping trip. We have friends that get together every couple of months to get away from it all and we both started going. We had known each other for a while in an acquaintance kind of way for a good long time before we exchanged email information. Jason lived in GA and Miri in NC, so we talked via email for a couple of months before deciding to meet up when Miri came to see her family, also in GA, for Thanksgiving. The plan was just to hang out as friends, but somewhere in there we both realized friends was not the right idea and were together from there on out.

Can you tell us about your wedding ceremony?

Jason’s response, “It’s pretty”. I thought you might like more of the story. We are both really relaxed people and really wanted that to be reflected in what we were doing. When asked our theme our response was always “easy”. We wanted our family as involved as possible, both of our familes are very important to us and we wanted to work them in as much as possible. We decided to have our bridal party give vows to the oppostite person, we had Jason’s Grandfather and my Grandmother hold on to our wedding bands and then pass them down to our fathers, then mothers to give them to us, and we included a part for the entire congregation¬† to even take a vow to help our marriage succeed. One of our very good friends was our officiant, and the glass we smashed was made by a childhood friend of mine. We also had a Beatles trend running through the whole thing, our first “date” also included seeing “Across the Universe” so all of our ceremony music was instrumentals of songs from the show and we named all of our tables after Beatles songs. Because our friend was our officiant, we had the opportunity to write our own ceremony, so we were able to do everything we wanted. We were told our only mess up was not handing out tissues.

I love the beautiful idea to have your grandmothers sign the ketubah. How did you come up with that?

Like we said, we’re big on the family. Both my parents walked me down the aisle, we had our siblings in our wedding party, Jason’s father was doing the blessings, and our grandmothers are very important to us. What better way to have them a part of things!

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

Once everything was said and done and we were able to be with our friends and family. While we both loved so many parts of the day, spending time with all of the people that came to share the day with us was a big deal.

What is your favorite part of married life so far?
Being a family. While we were together before, it’s pretty solid now. Using the words “my husband” or “my wife” is a lot of fun, and for me as a teacher the name swap has been exciting.
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